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Our Security Services in Sydney

Optimum Security Services is a Sydney-based security company providing a wide range of security services for businesses and homes.

Our experienced team of professionals offer a range of services, from guards hire to mobile patrols, event security and business and home security services. We also provide installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV systems for all types of premises.

With our commitment to quality service, we strive to ensure the highest level of protection for our customers by providing reliable and effective solutions tailored specifically to their individual needs. Our staff are highly-trained and certified in the latest security technologies to ensure that our customers receive the best possible protection available.

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Commercial cleaning

Optimum Security Services (OSS) provides fast, thorough, and reliable commercial cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities as well as across regional areas

Construction Sites

Construction sites theft is big business. What’s more, it’s on the rise and this is why construction sites security plays a key role in protecting your property, equipment, and materials from theft.

CCTV Solution

When your business and people are under threat, it’s critical that you maintain reliable and consistent security options that will help keep yourself, those closest to you, and your property safe and secure.

Mobile Patrols

When it comes to mobile security patrols and alarm response, consistency and speed are key. Our guards and patrols can provide security with immediate response to negate any threat.

Parties & Events

Party and special event security guards help you secure the entire vicinity while protecting everyone and everything within it from any unscrupulous elements or unwanted trespassers.

Residential Sites

Our residential site security detail can protect your residential property from burglary, damage, or vandalism as well as keep residents safe and secure within the confines of their homes.

Local Security Services Sydney


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Professional Security Company Sydney

Optimum Security Services is the premier provider of modern security solutions in Sydney. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for all of our clients. Our services include static guards, CCTV systems, alarm monitoring and response, and mobile security services.

We understand that security is an important part of every business or residential building and strive to provide the best service possible. Our team of highly trained professionals works diligently to ensure your property is kept safe and secure at all times. We have a long-standing commitment to providing our clients with the best security available.

Residential Security Services Sydney

Security Contractor Sydney

Construction Security Services in Sydney

Optimum Security Services Sydney provides a comprehensive security solution to protect your construction site. Adequate security of a construction site is a critical exercise in ensuring successful project completion with minimal losses and disruptions. A professional and integrated security plan to protect your construction site is an intelligent approach to grant confidence and peace of mind to investors, stakeholders and employees.

Our experienced and dedicated security professionals are trained to prevent possible threats and intrusions, safeguarding your property and personnel from any harm. With cutting-edge technology, our team is always on alert 24/7 monitoring the site and responding quickly to any suspicious activities. We can also provide access control systems to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted entry into the premises. Our reliable services guarantee peace of mind for both you and your staff.

Construction Security Services in Sydney

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Security Guards Services Sydney

Security Guard Hire Services in Sydney

Optimum Security Services is the leading provider of qualified, trained, and experienced security guards in Sydney. We offer a wide range of services to meet your security needs – from managing car parks, to guarding malls and controlling traffic. Our team of professionals are highly trained and are dedicated to providing you with the right security solution for your needs.

Our commitment to our clients involves regular communication and updates, ensuring that you always have a clear understanding of our services and the status of your security project. With our advanced training methods, cutting-edge technology and professional staff, we guarantee your satisfaction with the work that we do.

Security Guard Hire Services in Sydney

mobile patrols sydney

Security Services Sydney

Mobile Patrol Security Services Sydney

Optimum Security Services, provides cost-effective and reliable mobile patrol security services in Sydney. Our uniformed patrol guards drive a patrol vehicle to your premises on either a random or routine basis to identify any strange or unusual activities that may be going on. We take our jobs seriously and strive to provide you with the best possible protection against theft, vandalism and other illegal activities. With our professional and comprehensive security services, you can be sure that your property is well-protected and safe from any potential threats.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile patrol services and how they can help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Mobile Patrol Security Services in Sydney

party and event security Sydney

Security Hire for Events in Sydney

Party & Event Security Services In Sydney

Optimum Security Services is proud to provide trusted security services for all types of parties and events in Sydney. We understand the importance of keeping your guests safe and secure, which is why we provide experienced security professionals that are trained to handle the most challenging scenarios. From private celebrations to large scale public events, Optimum Security Services has the experience and expertise to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely.

Have an upcoming event? Make it stress-free by hiring professional security staff from Optimum Security Services to monitor, control and minimise any incidents that may occur at your event, whether it is a corporate event, music concert or other life events such as an engagement or wedding. Our team will work with you to develop customized plans tailored to your individual needs, utilizing a range of state-of-the-art security measures that meet or exceed industry standards.

Party & Event Security Services In Sydney

cctv installation schools sydney

Security Services Sydney

CCTV Installation & Monitoring in Sydney

Optimum Security Services is your all-in-one provider for CCTV installation, monitoring, and management in Sydney. With our team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee a secure and dependable system that can be tailored to your exact requirements for both interior and exterior spaces.

CCTV systems provide 24-hour surveillance from different angles, ensuring that your business or home is secure at all times. Our experienced technicians will install the latest CCTV technology to ensure maximum coverage and protection. Once installed, you can rest assured knowing that we are constantly monitoring the system and providing maintenance services as needed. We even offer a monitoring service so you don’t have to worry about managing the system yourself. Get complete peace of mind with Optimum Security Services – contact us today!

CCTV Installation & Monitoring in Sydney