Educational Institutions Security

Educational Institution and School Safety and Security in Sydney

We provide educational institution and school safety and security in Sydney. When you require a committed, 24-hour security presence or an integrated security service for an educational institution, Optimum Security Services Sydney has the experience you need. As a full-service security company, we can combine our services into a comprehensive package that covers the security requirements of any educational institution. This means you can both protect students and property, as well as maintain a safe and positive campus environment. Whether you require an active physical presence, in the form of patrol officers or guards; access control technology to restrict and manage access to facilities, both during normal and after-hours we offer the services you need. Whether you need assistance with emergency response planning and procedures for emergency situations, like medical emergencies or physical threats, we have the depth of knowledge and range of services to offer a complete service that covers all aspects of your campus’ security needs.

These security services include:

  • Security Guards
  • Campus Patrols
  • Lock-up Services
  • Access Control, including for 24-hour access
  • CCTV
  • Emergency Planning


Our school security guards and patrol officers are disciplined and adaptable, able to protect your campus from unauthorised persons and provide students with assistance in times of trouble. This physical presence will assist in preventing, detecting and deterring criminal activities. Our security guards are uniformed making them readily identifiable, meaning students in distress can easily find the support they require. Should they require, security personnel can escort students or staff on campus? Additionally, they are fully trained in first aid and can help students, staff or visitors in critical situations.


Best protecting your facilities involves more than boots on the ground but also school CCTV systems and school access control systems. Leveraging secure technology is an important part of any security solution. Your facilities need to be secured from unauthorised personnel, especially after-hours. By installing a comprehensive access control system you’ll be able to control and track who is using classrooms, lecture halls, and other facilities.

CCTV installation is an important component in both crime prevention and crime resolution. Strategically placed cameras can deter potential criminal threats from undertaking malicious or damaging activities against your property or students’ property. When properly managed it can also help resolve crimes that do occur, allowing you to better liaise with law enforcement to identify culprits.


It is important that you protect your students, staff, and visitors in critical situations. On campus any number of emergency situations can arise, depending on your facilities and campus layout:

  • Fires
  • Chemical Spills
  • Gas Leaks
  • Crowd control
  • Medical emergencies
  • Physical threats
  • Elevator outages

Being prepared for these situations is critical for the safety and peace of mind of everyone affiliated with your institution. We have the experience and capability to help you create plans for these, and other, potential emergency situations.

As you would expect from a trusted security company, our security guards are highly trained professionals.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and you can hire a security guard or hire several with little notice.

To protect your educational institution with a Security Guard service, contact Optimum Security Service today on 1300 449 882 or use our convenient Contact form to find out how we can help you.

Optimum Security Services provides a comprehensive range of security services in Sydney and other cities in Australia. Our service area in Sydney includes the Sydney CBD, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, Parramatta & Hills District.