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Mobile Patrol Security Services in Sydney

We provide security services with mobile security patrols in Sydney. When it comes to mobile security patrols and alarm response, consistency and speed are key. 

Using state-of-the-art technology in database management, mobile communications, navigation, and GPS, we coordinate seamless, end-to-end security. Optimum Security Services provides security patrols in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities. We have our own fleet of security patrol vehicles. Each vehicle features high-visibility livery ensuring you receive the greatest security presence to deter threats.

And while we remain steadfast in our aim to secure your site with mobile patrol security services, when it comes to finding a solution, we’re extremely flexible.

mobile patrols newcastle

Our Security Services in Sydney: Mobile Security Patrol

Do you have a problem with vandals and thieves periodically targeting your property? The staff that leaves doors open on departure? Or do you need to ensure the well-being of your staff? Mobile patrol security may be the answer. Optimum Security Services’ mobile security patrol service covers all areas of Sydney. Optimum Security Services’ Security Patrol Service can include:

  • Random mobile patrols.
  • Machinery and alarm checking patrols.
  • Security Lock-up service.
  • Alarm response by security patrols.
  • Welfare checks.
  • Casual and regular security patrols.
  • Night or day security patrols.
mobile patrols sydney

Our Security Patrol Service in Sydney

Optimum Security Services offers rapid security patrol service in Sydney, adaptable to the needs and requirements of each client and every site, which means site-specific tailored pricing and the best end value for our clients.

As part of our security patrol services, Optimum Security Rapid delivers your business faster dispatch and response times, improved accuracy and transparency of service delivery, enhanced real-time reporting and the most accurate invoicing.

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Mobile Patrol Security Services in Sydney

As you would expect from a trusted security company, our mobile patrol security patrol officers are highly trained professionals.

Our pricing for mobile security patrols and other security services are extremely competitive.

To protect your site with a Mobile Security Patrol or  Security Guard service, contact Optimum Security Service today on 1300 449 882 or use our convenient Contact form to find out how we can help you.

Optimum Security Services provides a comprehensive range of security services and security patrols in Sydney and other cities across Australia. Our service area in Sydney includes the Sydney CBD, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, Parramatta & Hills District.