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We provide construction security services in Newcastle and across Australia. Adequate security of a construction site is a critical exercise in ensuring successful project completion with minimal losses and disruptions. A professional and integrated security plan to protect your construction site is an intelligent approach to grant confidence and peace of mind to investors, stakeholders and employees.

Got an overnight delivery of materials? Book an ad-hoc construction site security guard service to oversee a safe delivery.

Did construction suspend due to poor weather? Arrange an Optimum Security Patrol program to ensure your site remains undisturbed.

With Optimum Security Services Newcastle you are never alone, get the support you need with one phone call, every day of the year, no matter what the circumstance.


Why should you pay for a fixed solution to a changing problem?

Optimum Security Services in Newcastle understands that construction sites are constantly being set up, manipulated and completed. For this reason, we offer you adaptable security solutions with rental options to accommodate temporary setups as well as non-fixed, relocatable cameras to assist you in your ever-changing work areas.

Here at Optimum Security Services in Newcastle, we are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. We carry out a full construction site security monitoring plan that can include construction site security fencing to keep all your assets safe.

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Optimum Security Services Newcastle put a lot of time, training and investment into the construction sector and that is why all of our construction site security guards carry the accredited licenses to work in construction security which includes the state-regulated security license and OH&S white card.

We focus a lot on training our employees for the construction sector. As we know, theft can be quite big in the construction industry as a lot of tools and equipment can be very expensive. Our construction site security guards are placed on-site to cover insurance purposes and the assets to the customer.

Experienced construction site security guards offer that added layer of protection that other security measures can’t. They can be on hand to watch over the site and can also run regular construction site security patrols, if necessary, to give that feeling of total peace of mind.

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Our pricing is extremely competitive and you can hire a security guard or hire several with little notice.

To protect your construction site with a Security Guard service, contact Optimum Security Service today on 1300 449 882 or use our convenient Contact form to find out how we can help you.

Optimum Security Services provides a comprehensive range of security services in Newcastle  and other cities in Australia. Our service area in Newcastle includes Merewether, Lambton, Lake Macquarie, Warners Bay, Caves Beach and Valentine.