Benefits of having mobile patrol security


Mobile patrols are a type of security service that involves security guards travelling to different locations at set intervals. This type of security is often used in situations where there is a need for regular checks but a stationary guard would be unnecessary or impractical, such as in large businesses or complexes with multiple buildings.

Here are some of the benefits of mobile patrol services:


Visible deterrent against crime – Mobile patrols are highly visible and their regular visits to an area can act as a deterrent against crime, vandalism, and theft.

Cover a large area – Another advantage of mobile patrol services is that they offer greater coverage than stationary security guards alone. This is because mobile patrol units can quickly and easily move from one location to another as needed, whereas stationary guards are confined to a single post. This allows for a more effective use of resources and allows you to customize your coverage based on your specific needs and concerns. For example, you may want to increase patrols in areas that have been targeted by criminals in the past or that are known for high levels of foot traffic. Or you may want to focus on specific high-value assets that need extra protection. Either way, mobile patrol services give you the flexibility to adjust your security measures as needed. And because they can cover more ground, they’re also more likely to catch potential criminals in the act, which can help prevent crimes before they happen.

Emergency Response Team. In addition to deterring crime, mobile patrol units can also serve as a rapid response team in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire or break-in attempt. Because they’re already on site, they can respond quickly and take appropriate action while waiting for law enforcement or other first responders to arrive. This quick response time can help minimize damage and reduce recovery time and costs following an incident.

Respond quickly to incidents – Mobile patrols can quickly respond to incidents such as fires, break-ins, and accidents.

Flexibility – The route and schedule of a mobile patrol can be easily changed to suit the needs of the business or complex they are guarding.

Cost-Effective Solution. Lastly, mobile patrol services are often more cost-effective than hiring stationary security guards alone because you don’t have to pay for the overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical security presence at multiple locations simultaneously. These overhead costs can include things like rent for office space, furniture, and equipment; insurance; utilities; and payroll taxes.  All other overhead costs are covered by the provider, making mobile patrols a very cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.


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Types of Incidents Mobile Patrols Can Respond To

Mobile patrols can quickly respond to a variety of incidents, including:

Fires – A fire at a business or complex can cause extensive damage, disrupt operations, and put lives at risk. A mobile patrol can quickly identify and respond to fires before they have a chance to spread and cause serious damage.

Break-ins – A break-in can result in loss of property, damage to premises, and interrupted operations. A mobile patrol can quickly identify and responded to break-ins, helping to minimize losses and catch the perpetrators before they escape.

Accidents -Accidents can occur anywhere at any time, such as slips and falls on wet floors or collapsed shelving. A mobile patrol can quickly identify and respond to accidents, ensuring that the injured persons receive prompt medical attention.

Mobile patrols security services are an excellent way to augment your current security measures and deter crime. Mobile patrols offer many benefits for businesses and complexes that need security services. Their regular visits act as a deterrent against crime, their large coverage area helps ensure all areas are secure, and their flexibility means they can be easily adapted to changing needs. In addition, mobile patrols can quickly respond to incidents such as fires, break-ins, and accidents.

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